So…we started a blog!

Happy early (or belated or actual…depending on when you read this) birthday!  Here is your inside peek into the small and big adventures of our famiLee…get it? 😉

This is definitely a result of our simultaneous love for those we miss as well as for the new life we are carving out for ourselves here in Kansas City.  So all of this fun and exciting blog creation and upkeep…it’s being done just for you!

We hope you enjoy being a part of our lives as much as we enjoy being a part of yours.  Here’s to staying connected!

P.S. Enter your email address in the “Follow Via Email” section on the right side of this webpage and you can receive email updates as we continue to add to this blog.  Also, if you just want to pop by and say hi, you can reach us on our “Contact Us” page.  Or you can always just book a plane ticket to Kansas City anytime (we have a guest bedroom!!) 🙂

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