Our Wedding Day

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December 20, 2014.

When it came time to pick a wedding date, there was just something perfect about having it right before Christmas!  It really is magical – the twinkly lights, the music, the warmth of a snuggly blanket, the prevalence of hot cocoa and other sweet treats…  I was also doing my husband a favor – our anniversary would be on 12/20 and my birthday is on 2/20.  Easy, right? 😉

Beyond it feeling “Christmas-y,” we ultimately desired for our wedding day to reflect the greatest mystery – how Jesus, our Savior and Bridegroom, so deeply loves us, the Church, as His bride.

With that in mind, we wanted our ceremony to be an act of worship.  Right away, I contacted two of my closest friends and former roommates, who also happen to be ridiculously talented musicians.  I will never forget them playing Phil Wickham’s “Beautiful” as I walked down the aisle to my beloved.  In that moment, I saw a tiny glimpse of what it will be like when “we’ll enter in as the wedding bells ring / Your bride will come together and sing…”

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Our ceremony was held at the church I grew up in – New Life Presbyterian Church in Phoenix, Arizona.  My family had been at that church since it started, and all of my childhood/teenage memories of growing up in the church are from New Life. It was important to us to honor the church family that has been such an influential part of my family’s life in Phoenix.

One of my church friends (who also took my high school senior pictures!) was the photographer who captured our wedding day.  You can click on the link below to her blog that features many of our wedding day pictures…


We also had so many friends and family who came from near and far to be a part of our wedding.  Words cannot express the depth of love we felt from them and for them as we got to share in the small and big moments of that day with each person who came to support us.

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One thing we realized about weddings is that they really do end up being about families – two families coming together to become one family.  My husband’s family (pictured below, right) flew in from South Korea to be a part of our wedding.  Our parents had actually only “met” one another via Skype prior to our wedding, but when they came together, nobody would have ever realized that they hadn’t met until that week! 🙂

Our ceremony was also officiated by my uncle (his family is pictured with us below, center), who we both consider our “spiritual father” as he pastors and mentors both of us.  For years he had joked with me, saying “who could ever be good enough to marry you?!”  Turns out, he mentored the man who would end up being “good enough” to be my husband – haha!

But at the end of the day, this wedding would not have happened without my parents and family.  My mom was crazy enough to head up the catering for 350+ people (because a Korean wedding is NOT a Korean wedding without legit Korean food…legit being defined as about 10+ Korean dishes).  My dad kept both my mom and me sane throughout the entire planning and execution process (which is NOT an easy job – haha!).  My brother nodded his head and agreed with everything I “asked” him about regarding my color scheme, my table settings, etc.  He also gave a killer best man’s speech with several tips to my husband on how to survive living with me since he did it for 16+ years (the brother-sister love clearly runs deep in this family).

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All in all, it was a beautiful whirlwind of a day.  Looking back, I realized it was not perfect because of the floral arrangements or the twinkly lights or the table settings (although our cake was pretty darn close to perfection – it was nearly all gone by the time we ended up eating some!).  It was perfect because in every moment, we were reminded of how it all points to the ultimate wedding day – the day we come together as the Church, as His bride, and spend eternity with Him.  It was perfect because of those we got to share the day with, and at the end of it all, we left as man and wife.

So thank you – to all who were a part of making our wedding day absolutely perfect 🙂

Check out our second wedding ceremony in Korea here!


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