Now that hashtags are the way to document entire life adventures, here’s ours – #theLeesinKC – what I’ve been using on Instagram to capture some of our daily scenes here in Kansas City 🙂

I haven’t seen many of you since I left Southern California and Phoenix, so here’s a quick snapshot of where we are now.  A week after we got married, we made the crazy drive from Phoenix, AZ to KC, MO.  We packed everything that was donated to us from family, all of what we owned (which wasn’t much compared to everything else), and the gifts we generously received from our wedding into a 27′ Penske moving truck (pictured below, husband for scale).

Three days and 1,200+ miles later, we made it just in time to close on our new house!  Looking at this picture now, the scenery was definitely brown and winter-y, but it really did look so sparkly and magical then because (a) we finally made it and (b) it was OUR house.

And then it snowed.  Even more sparkly and magical, but not so fun when you have to live in it and go outside.  For the most part, the locals tell me this was a very mild winter (a.k.a. only two to three major snow storms which translates to only two to three times that we had to shovel our driveway).  This was the view from our front door…

Thank the Lord for seasons…it may have been cold for a while, but it all passed away into glorious spring.  Slowly but surely the temperatures started to rise (as in it got to 60 degrees and everyone was outside wearing short-sleeve t-shirts!).  My former supervisor told me about the beauty of spring, how you have to really watch for the little changes that pop into miraculous growth overnight.  This was surely the case when I peeked over at the side of our house and found these beautiful tulips!

This is now the view driving down our street to our house (on the left with the red car in the driveway).  Glorious, yes?

I guess this post turned more into a gallery of the changing of seasons from winter into spring here in KC 🙂  But really, if I had to describe what the first four months of life have been like here for us, it really has been just that – the subtle but glorious changes of passing seasons.  We can never control it and we can never know exactly what to expect from it all (even if we’ve gone through it before).

The funny thing is, even though “real winter” was hard to live through at moments (no, it does not feel like Frozen), when the weather got warmer, I actually missed winter!  Funny how human beings never fully realize the beauty of the present until it’s nearly over. The last few weeks have been like that…a lot of comparison of seasons…how life/work/church/friends/(fill in the blank) a year ago was sometimes better than and surely different from now. Then I remembered that a year ago, I was itching for something different and so looked forward to a change of scenery.

So, I guess that’s where we’re at.  Nothing glamorous.  Mostly very ordinary.  Just learning how to have grace for ourselves that we can and will miss past seasons, but today will also be a past season that we will one day miss.  So here’s to now – spring – in all its beauty and allergies and freshness and weeds.

9 thoughts on “#theLeesinKC

  1. Three Well Beings says:

    I am thrilled to see some photos from your first winter, Stacey! It’s just beautiful. I can only imagine how magical it would be to be in your first home in what must have felt like a different world. And tulips! Not a lot of tulips in Phoenix! 🙂 ox

    Liked by 1 person

    • Stacey says:

      Yes it really was! I’m so thankful for the technology we have today, that I was able to just capture the moment with my iPhone and now am able to post it on a blog to remember for years to come! I have thought of you often as I see so many beautiful flowers in our neighborhood and people busy gardening in their yards…you would love it here!! 🙂


  2. Catherine Wade says:

    Thanks so much for your post. It really makes me look a little closer at today for today is all we have. None of us know what tomorrow will bring. However, I am looking forward to seeing you in another month or so.

    Liked by 1 person

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