A Letter to Mommy, From Your Adult Daughter

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Do you remember the Mother’s Day card I made for you when I was I think ten, the orange one made out of construction paper with a “real” (fake) flower glued to the front with green ribbon on the edges of the card?  I’m sure you do because you’ve kept all of my Mother’s Day cards to you since the first one I made in preschool.

This year I’m writing you a card online (for the whole world to see!) and also because you don’t really have much room in that drawer where you keep all of my cards and drawings and worksheets that I’ve done over the years.

It is true that many daughters end up becoming their mothers.  I did not realize how much I was like you until I set up my own kitchen, organized the refrigerator and hallway closets, and turned a blind eye to some of the dust on the window sills 😉

I did not realize that so many of my aspirations to be a woman of grace, wisdom, dignity, and compassion stem from the picture I formed in my mind of what a woman of God looks, speaks, and acts like from watching you silently over the last 26 years.

I know you’re not perfect.  But it’s how you live in your imperfections that inspires me to also kneel humbly before the cross and stand proudly among my family.

I may have been an adult for a few years now, and I may now be married.  But you were right (about everything, yes, but particularly about this one thing) – I will always be your baby and you will always be my momma.

So thank you 엄마.  Thank you for loving Jesus through all the ups and downs of life so that I can have an example of how to do the same.  Thank you for everything you sacrificed to leave everyone behind and move to America as a twenty-something, newly married young woman so that your future children could have a better life.  Thank you for teaching me to do my best and let the Lord do the rest.  Thank you for picking up my phone calls every other day at around 6pm my time, knowing that I’m calling because I have a question about how to cook something (Ma, I promise I do follow the same “recipe” but it just doesn’t taste as good as yours!).

I love you always and I hope you know my love for you grows stronger every day. 사랑해요!

With love…your forever baby, adult daughter 초롱이

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