A Summer Spent on the Road {and in the Stratosphere}

The rest of the summer will be an adventurous one for us.  By “adventurous,” I mean that we’ll be traveling through three countries and four states within three months.  Our current life motto is we’re young and don’t have babies = travel anywhere and everywhere as much as possible! 🙂

My husband and I are a part of the full-time staff for KOG Mission, the same ministry where both of us gave our lives to the Lord and the place where I experienced God’s deep love for the first time.  We coordinate the retreat ministry – Power Encounter – a four day, three night camp for kids, teens, and adults that focuses on (1) sharing the gospel message, (2) teaching how to live a life of freedom through the Word and prayer, and (3) experiencing the power of the cross and the Holy Spirit’s transformation in our lives.

As a non-profit organization, it involves a lot of starting from the ground up with quite a bit of administrative work (e.g. connecting with local churches and ministries, establishing a marketing and registration platform, recruiting and training local staff, etc.).  For those who know me, they know this is right up my alley!

Some of our destinations are actually stops along our 2015 Summer Power Encounter “world tour” (or so I call it 😉 ).  Along the way, we’ll see some friends and family, too!

First stop – Dallas, Texas!  We’ll be driving in a 15-passenger van full of high school and college students to lead a kids version of the Power Encounter retreat to a group of children at a local church near Dallas.  We’re practicing the art of being a soccer mom and soccer dad WAY in advance…

Second stop – Southern California.  Land of saltwater and everlasting sunshine (and Porto’s Bakery)…we’re coming back for you!  We are super stoked to try to meet up with as many old friends as possible and also lead a local team for the Southern California Power Encounter.

Third stop – South Korea.  We got married in our first ceremony this past December, but with all of husband’s family and half of my family in Korea, we’re doing a second ceremony in July!  We’re hoping to also do some R&R and grub up on some yummy Korean street food.  We’ll also have our annual KOG Mission staff meeting with our staff flying in from different parts of the world to gather together for some serious meeting time and LOTS of laughter and food (not necessarily in that order).

Fourth stop – well…Phoenix…eventually.  Cheap tickets lured us in to a pretty ridiculous itinerary on the way back to the States.  We’ll be flying to Japan for like an 8 hour layover.  We’re staying positive and have interpreted this to mean that we will have time to adventure through Japan!  (What’s there to do in Narita, by the way?).  We then fly to San Francisco, wait there a couple hours, and then to Orange County, and then finally to Phoenix to see my parents and family for a few days.  Family…they’re the only ones you’ll suffer through grueling flight itineraries for.

Fifth stop – home, sweet, home…Kansas City!  I think it will be fun to come back to Kansas City and feel that “home” feeling.  After having stayed at my husband’s home in South Korea and then in my home in Phoenix during the summer, we’ll end up coming back to the place we have carved out for our ourselves as our home.  It will indeed be sweet.

If you would like to partner with us in prayer, we would love your support!  Here are the main requests we have thus far…

  1. Faith – we just want to experience the miracles and power of God in our midst.
  2. Unity – as we work with our local teams in several different states and countries, we want to experience His love for us among us, that His love would overflow unto one another.
  3. Season of refreshing – we want to fully experience what we feel the Lord is doing to usher in a season of remembering what He has done in order to bring refreshing to our souls in the present as we look towards the future.

Thank you for your prayers and we hope to see some of you this summer!  I’m going to do my best to capture our adventures along the way and update you on this blog.

Here’s to summer and adventures!

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