We Made It Home!

Finally.  And what a welcome sight!  Look at how green and sweet and peaceful our little humble abode looks in late summer :).

So the last bit of my blogging presence was a month and a half ago about the deliciousness that is Korean food, especially Korean food in Korea.  Suffice to say, we didn’t really deviate much from that the remainder of our trip although we did do some other exciting things…

Like…oh, we had our second wedding ceremony!  With all of the husband’s family (my father-in-law is one of seven siblings and my mother-in-law is one of six!) and my mom’s side of the family all living in Korea, it ended up being worth it to have a second wedding so that they could be present and bless us in our marriage.

IMG_8161  IMG_8180

Check out the details of the second wedding here!  However, how fun does this look?  Wearing traditional Korean wedding clothes and getting a piggy back ride around the room in front of all of our family?! 🙂


One of the best parts of this summer was spending a lot of good, quality time with both sides of our family.  How cute is this family selfie?!

We also got to go down to Daegu, my parents’ hometown.  My grandparents still live in the old, traditional-style Korean home where the doors slide open, you sleep on the floor, and the bathroom is a hole in the ground in the outhouse around the corner (the key is to not drink too many fluids past dinner to avoid the whole going to the outhouse in the middle of the night situation).  Everything around my grandparents’ house has changed over the decades, but you’ll see from the picture below that their house and garden is still standing after all these years.

Of course no family bonding is complete without a homemade Korean meal from grandma!  My brother and I also had fun getting in touch with our Korean roots ;).

IMG_8197    IMG_8199

Other exciting news to share – we are now an uncle and auntie to a very cute baby niece!  My sister-in-law gave birth to beautiful baby Ellen during our stay in Korea and we were ever so happy to spend time with our sweet little niece.

IMG_8233    IMG_8234

We wrapped up our time in Korea with ministry, hosting a Power Encounter retreat with a local church.  I usually do a lot of the administrative/background work at these retreats; however, due to the fact that I’m not as comfortable speaking Korean as I am English, I got the role of Gong Girl (ringing the gong to cue a change in schedule)!  Don’t let the picture fool you – that thing was pure metal and a definite bicep workout.  But a girl’s gotta do what a girl’s gotta do to build His Kingdom, right?! 🙂

Remember our cheap tickets list of layovers on our way back from Korea to the States?  First stop – Narita, Japan!  All was well until our flight got cancelled from Narita to San Francisco.  Then it became totally awesome because it turned into a spontaneous adventure finding the nearest onsen (Japanese hot springs/spa) in the country side!

We also got to see one of my closest friends (and one of my last roommates before I got married) and meet her family as they also sent her off to the States on the same day we ended up flying to San Francisco.  We felt like we were saying bye to our family in Japan as we waved to them through the lines at the customs checkpoint.  Such a sweet family!

Next came our 9 hour layover in San Francisco…just enough time to eat some raw oysters, visit Ghirardelli square, walk through Fisherman’s Wharf, peek over at the Golden Gate Bridge, and sip on some Philz coffee.

Then to Phoenix and triple digit weather.  But catching up with old friends and seeing family made it all worth it (the air conditioner running 24/7 helped, too!).

Sure enough, just as we have arrived in Kansas City the temperatures have started to cool down in the mornings and evenings.  Summer is definitely slipping away and fall will be here before we know it.

The last couple of days have been filled with loads of laundry and unpacking and grocery shopping.  But through it all, I’m reminded of how sweet home can really be.  All the traveling was truly an adventure this summer and it’s going to be one for the books.  But at the end of the day, it’s about coming home to the place where your heart and soul are at peace.  Today, I’m thankful for this place we get to call home.


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