Hearing God’s Voice

There have been a few seasons in my life when I have found myself asking the familiar question, “God, how can I know what Your will is for me?  How can I hear Your voice?”

For some funny reason, my little mind thought that once I made those “big decisions,” like college, a career, a spouse, and a family, I would be set for life.  No more “quarter life crisis” moments, no more pondering upon that fateful little question, “God, how can I know what Your will is for me?  How can I hear Your voice?”

So…joke’s on me.  Yup, there’s no such thing as being “set for life,” particularly if you’re living for Jesus.

Why?  He just loves us so much.  The moment we get everything we want, He knows we are prone to forget who gave us the blessings.  We so easily latch onto comfort instead of living out of a desperate heart.

So here I am, finding myself asking the same question.  Over the last few weeks, however, I’ve come to realize the other funny thing – He doesn’t always speak to us in the same way.

His voice is truly multi-faceted.  There are those “usual” ways He speaks to us.  For me, that’s His “internal voice,” the Holy Spirit leading me and impressing upon my heart and mind something that is definitely not of me.  Over the years, I’ve learned, but am still learning, how to discern His voice and obey Him.

There have been times when God has said something simple, yet so profound, through His creation.  There have been other times when He has surrounded me with wise counsel from those who have been on this journey longer than I have.  And more often than not, it has been His trusted Word that has broken in through the fog of confusion.

But there are other ways the Lord can speak to us.  I’m finding that as I meet more people and hear their testimonies of how the Lord speaks to them, I grow in awe of the God we live for.

My husband is a dreamer.  At critical moments of his life, the Lord has often spoken to him through Scripture coupled with multiple dreams and counsel from others that have all lined up perfectly.

Others have experienced His audible voice (wow…what would that sound like?!), seen angels, received prophetic insight, had heavenly encounters, and the list goes on.

Regardless of how God has spoken, I’m reminded again today that He does speak and He has a good, pleasing, and perfect will for His children.  The Almighty, Creator God wants to hear our little, broken voices on a daily basis.  He wants to cultivate a lifelong relationship built on years of dialogue, memories, trust, hope, and faith.

So here I am, asking the question again.  But now I know that regardless of the answer, it draws me closer to Him.  And that is the ultimate beauty of learning how to hear God’s voice.


2 thoughts on “Hearing God’s Voice

  1. Catherine Wade says:

    Stacey, thanks so much for putting your thoughts into words. Your words always speak to me and make me look deeper into my own thoughts. It reminds me that I am not the one in control and that I also need to stop and pay attention to whose words I should be listening too.


    • Stacey says:

      So beautiful, Catherine! Yes, we all do need that reminder more often that we realize, that we are not the ones in control 🙂 Preaching to the choir right now! xoxo


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