God With Us // Reflections on New Year’s Day

It was just short of a year ago, on January 10, 2015.  We had finished a week of honeymooning in Cabo San Lucas and it was on the plane ride home that this then two-weeks-a-bride wrote these words with a bit of fear and trembling in her journal – “Lord, as we are on our way home, starting this new season of life…please, please…be with us.”

It wasn’t until this afternoon, finally winding down from the joy and celebrations around our first anniversary, Christmas, conferences, and the New Year, that I finally read through my journal from 2015.

Sometimes weeks had gone by without a single word.  Other days, there were pages and pages of thoughts, wrestlings, tears, and fears.  But the common theme that kept reoccurring through my weak words was that despite our track record or our circumstances, somehow, we would love Him more.  That we would know His presence in our daily lives.  That we would trust in Him.  That we would know that He was present with us.  

Trust me when I say it was a broken soul that was penning those words.  If you were to peer behind the life that was taking place behind the face, you would have seen the remnants of a war zone, the result of the constant struggle with my own selfishness, unbelief, and doubt.

Yet as I take a step back, look at the short little history that has spanned these last 365 days, I find the sudden truth.

God was with us.  Every step of the way, in every broken prayer whispered through cracked lips, His presence was constant.

This Father of lights has no variation, no shadow of turning.  I know that as I continue to confess my need for Him every hour, He will open His hands to offer me the greatest gift – Himself.

I pray that as you start the journey of this next year, whether you are in anticipation, excitement, fear, or trepidation, may you be blessed by this truth.

God is with us.  


4 thoughts on “God With Us // Reflections on New Year’s Day

  1. Debra says:

    I do hope you continue to journal and keep those questions, pleadings, tears and many moments of joy at hand so as you look back on dozens of years, you’ll always be able to see “God with us.” It’s an amazing truth! Trust me when I say your life will just get busier and there will be more and more distractions making it more difficult to find those times of quiet worship and inner contemplation, but He is so faithful to just wait for you to notice that He was there all the time. What a rich and precious way to begin a new year, Stacey. Congratulations to you and Doo-Hwa on a first anniversary. Didn’t the year go quickly! 🙂 ox


    • Stacey says:

      Thank you for that advice! I am certain life will only continue to get busy…so thankful for this blog and the opportunity to keep some of these thoughts on the interwebs! 🙂


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