My Love for Handmade Cozy Wear

There’s something absolutely perfect about crocheting or knitting something cozy to wear on a cold, winter day.  My love affair (perhaps obsession?) with yarn stores, knitting needles, crochet hooks, and Ravelry patterns began a few years back after I finished my master’s degree.  I suddenly had all this free time, and after typing “knitting for beginners” on YouTube one day, I was hooked.

It also happened to be the start of the holiday season when I first learned how to knit, so I decided to make handmade scarves and cowls as all of my Christmas gifts that year.  Within less than two months, I had knitted up almost 30 items (and mind you, I was simultaneously in a full-time job).  There was only one slight problem.  I was living in Southern California and there really was no legitimate need for creating all this knitted cozy wear.

Now enter living in Kansas City.  PTL we finally live in a place where scarves aren’t just accessories!  I eventually picked up crochet (also over YouTube) and discovered the beautiful world of Etsy shops, craft blogs, and the thousands of Instagram accounts by talented knitters and crocheters from all over the world.

Now that the holidays are over, I’ve been toying with the idea of creating my own little handmade cozy wear business (primarily so I can have a legitimate reason for being this obsessed with my hobby; after all, a girl can only have so many cowls and scarves in her closet).

If you’re still reading this, thank you for indulging this grannie-girl in all her talk about yarn and needles.  And just like grandparents love showing any human being within 50 feet of them pictures of their cute grandchildren, below are pictures of my babies creations over the last few months…

Okay this first one is kind of cheating because I started it last winter but only got halfway through it before it got too warm to indulge in knitting.  Three skeins of yarn later, I finally finished this simple, “off-ribbed” scarf for my hubby.

This one below is another project I started last season but didn’t end up finishing until this season.  The free crochet pattern is from Daisy Cottage Design’s blog and I originally made almost the exact same one as hers for my baby niece this past summer.  I changed up the colors for this second blanket (using Hobby Lobby’s “I Love This Yarn!”) and made it longer and wider so it could be a lap throw for my mom.

P.S. the color coordination of my socks with the blanket was not intentional…but totally fabulous! 😉

Now the start of all the gifts I made this season.

My go-to super bulky yarn is the classic Lion Brand Wool-Ease Thick & Quick on my favorite set of circular needles.  Perfect for whipping up tons of cowls and infinity scarves by knitting in the round.

I love, love, love the drape of this cowl (free pattern found here).  My friend also had the BEST reaction thus far of everyone I have gifted a handmade item to.  It makes all the joy of knitting for someone that much more gratifying when they thoroughly appreciate the love that went into each stitch.

I also made two different sizes of this cowl below (free pattern found here) for a cousin and a friend.

My friend and her husband are also photographers and they happened to have their camera with them when she opened her gift.  Which of course meant it was time for a mini photo session!  I also had fun snapping “real” pictures of my creations rather than just capturing iPhone pictures.



Isn’t she so beautiful? 🙂  I love creating the perfect item that totally “matches” the recipient’s personality and style.

I also delved into making more hats and beanies this season.  I’ve been eyeing the “fair isle” technique that makes it look like tiny little hearts are sprinkled throughout the work and after buying a pattern from this sweet little Etsy shop, I made a few modifications to create this hat for my other cousin.

Pretty cute, right?!  With the leftover yarn, I made a little baby crochet hat for my friend’s son (free pattern here).

Oh!  And one of the most fun things about making hats is making the pom pom!  After seeing this great tutorial by blogger Stephanie at All About Ami using the Clover pom pom maker, I just had to try it for myself.  SO. FUN.  I see visions of pom pom garlands, pom pom bunting, pom pom decor coming to fruition in the near future!

Also with the new “fair isle” technique I learned, I really wanted to make “his & hers” beanies for my husband and me.  It’s starting to get cold enough to wear these cute cozy knits now!

Do you remember the crochet wreath I made this past fall?  Well, this is what it looks like now…

If it snows a lot this winter I’m blaming it on my wreath.  But it’s cute in its own quirky way so I’m leaving it as it is for now ;).

I decided to make a similar wreath for my aunt’s birthday gift in a shade of purple with tons of roses and rosettes…

I love the way it turned out!  This was one of those projects where I was working away on it for a couple of hours in one sitting, and as I stepped back and looked at the final product, I was pretty impressed with the end result.  As makers, it’s easy to get caught up in all the details and imperfections.  But then there are those moments when you think, “Wow, I can’t believe my hands made this!”  Hence, the reason why we keep on making and crafting away.

That’s the round up of handmade cozy wear for now.  I still have several skeins of yarn and new ideas and patterns waiting for me in the cold, winter months to come.  I CAN’T WAIT!!! 🙂

10 thoughts on “My Love for Handmade Cozy Wear

  1. Debra says:

    I am SO impressed! I learned to knit from my grandmother and I can’t even imagine learning so quickly and so well from youtube. It does encourage me, though, to think of expanding into stitches I haven’t yet mastered. I just love that little baby crochet hat! I can crochet an edge, but that’s it. I never learned how to crochet. Maybe you’ll inspire me to watch those youtube videos! Who knows what I might learn. 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Debra! I remember talking to you about knitting when I first got into it 🙂 I also didn’t like crochet at that time, but somehow, I got super inspired and decided to give it a try! I will say that I think crochet is a bit harder to learn just from YouTube if you’re originally a knitter, because my reference point was always knitting and the stitches looked so different on a crochet hook. But once you get past the foundation chain and the first row, the pattern just kind of takes over and it all begins to make sense! I started with coasters (crocheting around and around), but I probably should have started with something flat (like a dishcloth) just to understand the concept at the beginning. Anyway, happy making! I would love to see some of the things you make…I’m sure you knit beautifully! 🙂


  2. Ur #1 fan namminator says:

    im so honored to have received one from you hehe it’s still my faveeeeee cowl up to this day. and yes to the etsy shop! do eeeet! modern grandmas unite *raises crochet needle*


    • Stacey says:

      Lol *raises crochet needle* haha! And no Etsy shop for now…too big of a scale for me at this point 🙂 I’m going to focus on it as a hobby for now and if there come any requests to make specific things for friends, I’m definitely open to that!


  3. Catherine Wade says:

    I remember when you first began your knitting projects. Your work was outstanding from the very beginning. Most of us don’t start out that good. If I ever retire, I may have to try knitting. Since I started with crocheting, hanging on to two needles and trying to keep the tension on the yarn with way too much for me. Can’t wait to see what you create next. Maybe a sweater is in your future! 🙂


    • Stacey says:

      Thanks Catherine! You could totally do it! Although there isn’t as much need for knitted cozy wear in Southern California. Crochet is definitely more versatile for blankets and such. Also, funny thing is I’ve been eyeing different sweater patterns already! 🙂 Some of my “hope to knit one day” list items are a sweater, a pair of socks, and mittens. Those are the fancy projects I haven’t yet perfected the skill for yet…we’ll see! 🙂


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