Living in a Place With Four Seasons // The Joys of Early Spring

I am thoroughly convinced that living through four seasons a year is good for the soul. If you’ve never witnessed the subtle shifting of seasons, where the whole earth seems to be stretching out of its long hibernation in the spring, or where the horizon lights up in brilliant fiery hues as it lets go of all its trappings in the fall, well…you just haven’t lived yet my friend.

Yes, I may have spent all of my childhood in the desert of the Southwest and the majority of my early twenties on the beaches of the West Coast, but there is something so sweet and peaceful about the Midwest that it truly is the best place to live.

Today was one of those days where I realized I had taken for granted all the sunshine I’ve experienced on an almost daily basis all my life.  Although I think fall is still my favorite, spring with all it’s sunshiny freshness is a close second.

So, without further ado, here are a few of my favorite things about spring!

  • Everyone is generally happier.  How can you not be happy when the clouds look so fluffy, the sun is shining, the breeze is blowing through your house for the first time in months…and you can go outside without three layers?!
  • Spring cleaning (with this awesome list from Buzzfeed).  Yes, anyone who knows me knows that I highly value organization (okay, sometimes it borders on OCD 😉 ).  But I do not love cleaning, nor do I do it as often as I should.  If it looks clean, then it must be clean is the motto in our house.  However, there is something liberating about opening up all the windows and getting some good, deep cleaning done around the house.  It’s like a rite of passage into spring.  My whole soul feels cleaner now.
  • Glorious weekends with the highs in the mid-60’s to low 70’s (okay so the night time temps have still hovered around freezing, but that’s what central heating is for!).
  • No more flaky, dry skin and ridiculously static-y hair!  Try taking on and off your gloves, chunky scarf, (sometimes also a sweater), and down jacket or fur-lined parka at least three times a day.  You will question why you even try to do your hair in the morning.  Also, taking a bath in coconut oil starts to sound like a good idea.
  • I can sip a frozen fruit smoothie in the morning (courtesy of the best kitchen appliance in the world) and not feel like my drink is the same temperature as the outside world.  Glory!
  • There are green things growing in our yard.  Like brand new patches of green grass and the little garden I forgot about over the winter.  I don’t even have to do anything.  It’s a sweet little miracle.

It’s the simple pleasures, really.  Spring is all about savoring these small moments of joy that brighten our hearts and our days.  Wherever you are, we wish you a happy spring! 🙂

5 thoughts on “Living in a Place With Four Seasons // The Joys of Early Spring

  1. Catherine Wade says:

    Even though the west coast has virtually no real winter, spring has started very early. The San Gabriel mountains and the foothills have turned green and you can see signs of flowers blooming. Last month the trees that line the drive into my park were full of white blossoms. February was way to early for all of this change. I personally would have liked just a hint of winter for little while longer. So glad you get to enjoy all the seasons as they change.


    • Stacey says:

      Wow that sounds beautiful, though 🙂 I’m looking everywhere for signs of green…we’re getting a bit of it in the grass and the other day, I saw the tulips starting to come up out of the ground at the side of my house! We still have a good few weeks until they’ll bud and blossom. Just think of it this way, the majority of the world visits California primarily for the weather! Haha! Enjoy living in it! 😉


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