We’ve Come a Long Way // An Update on Josiah

I can hardly believe it’s already July and this is only my fourth post this year!

Actually, well yes, I can believe it.  Because despite all of my good intentions and the many blog ideas that are recorded on my phone, my days are now mostly filled with this kind of fun…


Don’t even get me started on the time I found him in the living room, in his birthday suit, playing with his diaper…the diaper I had just put on him about 30 seconds earlier.

Thank the good Shepherd there was no poop in that diaper! 🙂

Speaking of poop, a lot has happened since my last post about Josiah‘s progress after his last surgery in January.

We hit a couple of bumps along the road.  In April, kiddo got sick with a viral illness while simultaneously constipated for the first time since his surgery (and constipation is not one of the symptoms of that illness).  An x-ray later, we realized that Josiah was starting to get significantly backed up in his colon and rectum.

We did two rounds of heavy medication and enemas at home for several weeks.  A couple x-rays later, there was enough progress that we did not have to get admitted to the hospital for a clean out.

It was a very sobering reality check.

On one hand we were so incredibly thankful that this viral illness ended up in us catching his stool back-up early on.  Josiah had not yet been showing any of the signs of being backed up, but would have soon enough had we not caught it.  And it would have been that much harder to get him cleaned out as more time passed by in that condition.

Yet on the other hand, we realized this wouldn’t be a “just pray and it’s all going to be okay” kind of situation.  We were going to have to press in with faith, contending for complete healing in his body, while also working through daily medications and regular visits with doctors.

Over the last few months, we have started to see a semblance of “regularity” in his daily pooping and have adjusted medications multiple times to find that “sweet spot.”

Today, we met with our surgeon and heard the news every parent who does the regular therapy/doctor’s appointments/clinic visits loopty-loop circus longs to hear – that Josiah is stable and doing well; thus, we won’t need to come back again until a year from now (given that we don’t have any issues between now and then).

It felt like a rite of passage for us.

Sure we’re not totally dismissed from the clinic, and we were cautioned that this up and down, some seasons pooping well, others not so well, would be our reality.  That we had to always keep in mind the possibility of him getting backed up again in the future.

Yes, I know that may be the case medically.  It’s been a long journey and I know we are nowhere near being done.

But we’ve come a long way.

For those of you who have been following our story since our warrior son was born at 29 weeks and then endured 10 weeks in the NICU and four surgeries in the first year of his life, thank you.  Thank you for praying for what seemed impossible with us.  Thank you for believing in the promise of God over Josiah’s life and speaking that into reality.

And we have more good news!

When Josiah was born, he had a VSD (a small hole) in his heart.  Because of the location of that VSD, doctors cautioned us that it would be unlikely it would close up on its own.

Back in May, we met with our cardiologist who reported a miracle – that Josiah’s VSD had in fact closed up on its own and since he was doing so well from a cardiac standpoint, we could be completely dismissed from that clinic!


Josiah was pretty excited about that, too. 🙂

From reading our posts and updates on Josiah, it probably seems like we spend all of our days at the hospital.  Well, we do spend more time there than the average family.  But the last few months have also been filled with very sweet, “normal” things.

For instance, we celebrated Mother’s Day and Father’s Day!  Well, by that I mean we took pictures to commemorate the day – haha!  I can’t wait for the day I get a sloppy hand-drawn picture or one of those hand-print crafts from my kiddo.

Side note, yes, Josiah isn’t wearing pants in his pictures with me.  I did a mom-fail and the one time I forgot to bring an extra change of clothes to church was the one time he pooped so much it leaked through his diaper. 🙂

We also had a lot of family and friends visit us this summer and spoil our kiddo rotten.

Who am I kidding, parents got spoiled, too.  We had free childcare for quite a few weeks and got to do things like go out on date nights.  IT.WAS.GLORIOUS.

As you can see from all the pictures, our little, sweet baby boy has become a full-blown, curious, active, rambunctious toddler boy.  He’s my daily cardio. 🙂


Wink!  It’s a little hard to say “no” to him when he makes that face…

And when this miracle boy plays peek-a-boo with us, runs around the house butt naked, laughs at daddy’s antics, and hugs mommy when he takes a tumble, my heart is so very full.  Because it is in those treasured moments that I stand in awe as to just how far we have come.  

It seems simultaneously like ages ago and just yesterday that I was holding a tiny 2 lbs baby in the NICU, praying wordless prayers and unable to fathom life beyond that tiny 10 ft by 10 ft hospital room.

Yet, here we are.  It truly is a miracle.  

Our God is good.  In the good and the bad.  It’s no longer something we just say…we now know it to be true.  And for that, our family is forever grateful.

Here’s to many more miracles to come!


7 thoughts on “We’ve Come a Long Way // An Update on Josiah

  1. Cindy says:

    A miracle indeed. Your faith has been a witness and an encouragement of what God can do. He is a healer and a provider. So thankful for Josiah’s life. Thanks for letting us be a part of seeing his God-story unfold!


    • Stacey says:

      And thank you for your family’s consistent prayers for us! I know a woman and family of prayer when I see one! 🙂 You’ve been more of an encouragement to us in this season than you will ever know on this side of eternity. Love you guys!


  2. Debra says:

    Miracle boy indeed, Stacey! How wonderful that the cardiology report was so incredibly positive. That’s a huge gift not to be facing that surgery. Josiah is just adorable, and what a happy little guy he seems to be! It’s a thrilling report, my friend! I am so grateful to hear that you aren’t even tied to the medical community with the same level of caution and care as you enter a new season and let him just develop and grow and bloom! It’s so fun to explore your life through these happy photos. Big hugs to you all, dear friend!


    • Stacey says:

      Yes he is! We are so incredibly grateful for all the good news we’ve had this year with him. And yes…he is a very happy toddler! Hope you get lots of time to enjoy and spoil your sweet grandkids…I’m sure they go from Josiah’s age to the girls’ age in the matter of a blink of an eye! xoxo


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