About Our FamiLee

Hi there!  We are the Lees – DooHwa & Stacey 🙂

I (Stacey) originally started this blog as a place to stay connected with the many family and friends we have all over the world.  Our whirlwind of an adventure dating (you can read our most popular posts on that here, here, and here), getting engaged, then married (twice as a matter of fact – you can read about that here and here), and moving halfway across the country left us wanting to stay connected with all our loved ones as we started our new adventure in Kansas City.

However, this blog quickly became it’s own little adventure in itself, bringing us into contact with so many other awesome bloggers doing life, living out their faith, and inspiring others through their written words.

So now, this little corner of the internet has become our space to document our stories, our adventures, and our everyday lives.  You’ll often find us enjoying the simple things – like the beauty of seasons and a cup of honey lemon tea, sharing our love of food and traveling, reflecting on our faith, occasionally tackling home renovation projects, and a sprinkling of other mushy gushy things like the beauty of marriage.

Thanks for stopping by!  You’re always welcome to be a part of our little life as a famiLee 🙂


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