A Year of Blogging // #lifeasafamiLee Turns One!

Dear friends,

Who else feels like it was just the end of March a moment ago, and now we are already heading into the end of April?

It’s been busy, but I’m not sure why.  The last few weeks have been filled with lots of little, normal, everyday events mixed in with some bigger, life-changing, happy and some not-so-happy news from family and friends.

In the midst of it all, this blog quietly turned one…on April 16th, to be exact.

I had no idea when I published my first post, that a year (plus a few days) later, this is what the blog would look like.

Well…to be frank, I’m not quite sure yet what “this” means.  But I do know that when I started Life as a FamiLee, I thought it would just be a little way to stay connected with the many friends and family we have all over the world.  I would post about our new life in Kansas City, show some pictures from our wedding, maybe talk a little bit about the adventure that is the first year of marriage, etc. etc. Read more…


Secret Confessions

Here it goes…

I really don’t like fairs.  I don’t love the crowds, or the long lines, or the fact that all of the food is so not good for me but smells so stinking delicious.  But I especially don’t like the rides.  You know the ones – they spin around and around and somehow are also moving up and down and backwards all at the same time, made ridiculously complete with their too many blinking, colorful lights and blaring, machine-ish music.  It’s like a perfect recipe for vertigo on steroids.

So, I avoid them at all costs.  I’m usually the purse holder, the one who gravitates towards sitting in the middle of the roller coaster if I am absolutely forced to ride one.  It’s an experience to grit my teeth through, not one in which to find thrill or excitement. Read more…