Coming Home for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving took on a whole new meaning for me my freshman year of college.  I loved my new found independence and friends, but by mid-October, I was really starting to miss my family back at home.

I still remember the feeling of that one hour flight from the LA area to Phoenix that November.  The desert landscape filled with wispy clouds seemed to extend for eternity, as I counted the slow minutes until landing in the place I had called home for 18 years.  It wasn’t just the beautiful spread and yummy food that warmed my heart that Thanksgiving; it was the realization of how precious my family was to me (and how much I actually liked my little brother 😉 ). Read more…


Thankful For the Gift of Family

I have decided that fall is pretty much the most perfect season of all.  The scenery is beautiful, the weather is happy, the air is crisp and clean, and the thought of all the joy of the holidays coming around the corner (without the actual stress of being in the middle of it) is just like a perfect dollop of whipped cream on a slice of pumpkin pie.

But nothing could have made the joy of experiencing fall for the first time more perfect than my parents and grandma visiting us from Arizona.  They flew in and spent the last few days with my uncle’s family and my husband and I, and it was the perfect breath of fresh air.  Although they didn’t have a lot of time with us, we did get to all of the important things… Read more…

So…we started a blog!

Happy early (or belated or actual…depending on when you read this) birthday!  Here is your inside peek into the small and big adventures of our famiLee…get it? 😉

This is definitely a result of our simultaneous love for those we miss as well as for the new life we are carving out for ourselves here in Kansas City.  So all of this fun and exciting blog creation and upkeep…it’s being done just for you!

We hope you enjoy being a part of our lives as much as we enjoy being a part of yours.  Here’s to staying connected!

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