Choosing to Speak in Love // A Reflection on Year Three of Marriage

December 20th marks our anniversary.Β  It’s been three years since we said our vows to one another, deciding that for better or for worse, this would be our forever person.

When I look back at our wedding video and read the post I wrote for ourΒ first anniversary, I remember how absolutely, overwhelmingly in love I was with my husband.

And I still am.

But although that love I felt then was real and true, it hadn’t yet gone through the fire.Β  It had yet to be tested and tried and proven true.

It was only a matter of time. Read more…


Remembering How It All First Started

Today I’m reminded of how it all first started, this love affair that took over my heart and hijacked my life. Β Today I’m reminded that I need to remember the first words, the first glance, the first moment I realized I was going to be ruined forever. Read more…