The Catch All Post

Oh hey, blog! Is it just me or do six months just whizz by somehow?

Yes, this post is appropriately titled because it will, indeed, be a catch all post to update about our family and what we have been up to the last several months.

I was reading through my last post from July and I cannot believe how cute and little my boy was! Because he’s quite the rambunctious, much bigger two-year-old now…

That’s the mischievous smile, my friends. Don’t let him fool you.

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The Best Thing About Korea? The Food.

Hands down.  The food.  Never mind that we are having our second wedding ceremony on July 18th and I have to fit back into another wedding dress.  Never mind that in Korea an American size 0 is the average size among women.  We are only in Korea for five more weeks and we are going to make the most of it.  By eating, of course.

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