To My Kansas City Sisters…

You know who you all are. You’re an army of amazing women I am beyond blessed to call my sisters.

You are one of the biggest reasons why moving to Denver has been such a bittersweet transition for me.

I came to Kansas City as a newly-married, 25-year-old baby and you took me under your wings. Now, I’m a full-fledged ahjumma and I’m proud of it (well, minus the mini-van…soon!).

You showed me how to laugh about the things our husbands would do that would drive us crazy, and helped me realize that marriage is messy and imperfect and something you have to fight for every day.

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A Letter to Mommy, From Your Adult Daughter

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Do you remember the Mother’s Day card I made for you when I was I think ten, the orange one made out of construction paper with a “real” (fake) flower glued to the front with green ribbon on the edges of the card?  I’m sure you do because you’ve kept all of my Mother’s Day cards to you since the first one I made in preschool. Read more…